Dear visitor! This is but a small collection of my works. The page is public, however it’s only meant for “special people”, such as yourself. Please, keep it private.


What am I looking at?

This site is my personal music blog. Everything you see here is self made, with a 0,00€ budget and it’s non profit. I do it for my own pleasure. But since I scout only for the best music, I feel it would be a waste, not to share my finds with others. Feel free to browse around.


The page you are looking right now is my unorthodox, online interactive portfolio. A modest representation of my work in media and graphic design.


Social media

These are the main social platforms, this blog uses to distribute the content.



The posts are automated as much as possible, so that I can focus on the content itself, instead of logistics (being non profit and all). A user, can then decide their favorite feed to follow.

WordPress is definitely one of the most popular CMS platforms out there. The popularity makes for an awesome, vibrant community. And in term, this provides a better integration with other platforms. That’s why I chose to work with it as my “center stage”.


Content management (CMS)

A collaboration with Sonus is a well known local, distributor for pro audio equipment, a recording studio and more. My job here, was to cooperate with the web dev. in the last phase of development and the launch of the site. I also initially helped managing the content of the pages (Myportal).



The other significant experience I had with a webpage’s CMS (MODX), was a project to make a modern website with integrated commerce for a local sofa manufacturer. Again, my role was to coop. with the developer, preparing content and media. This one was significant due to the countless possibilities of combinations and setups that a modular sofa can offer. The project was stopped abruptly, just before its completion (courtesy of the Slovenian judiciary system).