Hello Steemit!

I am very excited to announce, that this blog will move over to Steemit.com!

This site will stay up as well. Hopefully new content will be added, but it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen exactly. The posting format will probably change as well as the content itself. If you are a Steemian already come over and say hi. If you want to get in touch you can find me on most social network as well as here.


6 Months up and running!

Not a biggie but the site has been running for 6 months now. Hope you have found some great music here. I’ll try to do my best to bring you fresh beats in the coming months as well.

Please do tell your friends about this space if you like the content.



The site www.diskonektedmusic is back in business! Now in the form of a music blog with tons of greeeat music. I’m still setting things up, but you can see some stuff already.
As this is my first WordPress site I would really love to get some feedback and any suggestion would be much appreciated!

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