This page is all about music… Before I continue let me say that this is a personal website (of a lazy guy) so I hope you know what that means. That being said I can tell you that this is:

  • A “platform” for me to share some of the music that I love with y’all.
  • I’m also sharing my own projects and collaborations. I still have a lot in store but I am currently on a break from producing.
  • Hopefully there’s more to come. But we’ll see.

Music blog

This started from a passion for music discovery a long time ago in a small town somewhere in the “buttocks” region of the EU… It took a while to come to this point, but here we are. shuffle these pages and find some great music. There are no genre constrictions. I only believe in quality,  sharing and love for the music with no pretend. The tracks in the blog can be found on my Soundcloud page. Be sure to check the likes!