Lyall Moloney – Running For You

‘Running For You’ ties together Moloney’s punchy and distinctive back beats – a trademark of his work as a producer – with layers of guitar, vocals and catchy lyrical work.

Lyall Moloney has found the perfect groove combo between electronica/hip-hop and floaty, sub-aquatic guitars, gnawing his way through musical genres like a rabbit on a carrot. Beats, synths and sample techniques of the 90s R&B vibe. His production is slick. Songs like this are a rarity and begs to be played and re-played. Something nostalgically fresh and charming.

The musical grind between Sharouny and Moloney on ‘Running For You’ is a gift. A melodically sweet calling up of the best of the current electro crop and older school soul artists. It’s one of many like-minded collaborations from ‘Only Lonely’ (Moloney’s forthcoming album).

‘Only Lonely’ is an album made up of features and collaborations (including Moktar and Diz Frost from Sticky Fingers) – coming out through MGM in April this year.