Deception Bay – BOO SEEKA

DECEPTION BAY is the second single from Sydney based hip-hop/psych-soul-tronic duo BOO SEEKA.

The duo is just back from their first European trip – two months across Germany, Switzerland, France and Holland, where they played a mix of their own headline gigs and festivals.
In Sept this year they’re back out on the road in Australia with SAFIA.

The live show blends distinctive altered states vocal melodies and slots them into a synth groove, underpinned by electronic kicking rhythm sections. ‘DECEPTION BAY’ is 3 short minutes of downright electronic bliss that vibes off the 80’s for texture, beat and synth riffage. The band wanted to push the edges of the song out a little creating layers and have different rhythm patterns coming in and out. Experimenting on this track and slipping between their instrumentation and their old school hip hop/electro edge. Taking vocal melodies putting them through samplers again to make their spacey dance styles.