Bootleg Rascal – Oh I Know

“Oh I Know” is the new single from the Sydney/Gold Coast hobbits, the B-Raz. It’s the first single from their upcoming album project to be released in the second quarter of 2015, a surge of Bootleg Rascal’s creative juices coursing through veins, exploring extremities and infecting every rhythmic bone with a pulse of Bootleg-ery. ‘Oh I Know’ induces a dub-lactic trance response through hypnotic, addictive hip hop, psych-ey bass-lines, Carlos’s soft, growling vocals and Jimmy Young’s now renowned spacey guitar lines that sliver across the top.

The band has just wrapped up a string of National shows (in September), supporting label-mates Sticky Fingers and they’re snaking their way out on the road again in December.
Amidst all usual on-the-road tomfoolery the hypo-dub-riacs have found time to piece together a bag of tunes and this (Oh I Know), is first drop of blood to hit the ground from that time. Writing and recording songs in the back of vans, dodgy hotels and sticky green rooms and finishing them at home in the garage the B-Raz are now flung headlong into their next phase.
Working alongside artist/producer, Lyall Moloney, and producer/mixer Ian Pritchett the Rascals have musically found their groove.Taking inspiration from the Gorillas, The Police and J. Dilla. Bootleg Rascal have brewed and bottled up a sound that melds the best of Dub and Hip-Hop with psych sensibilities.
“Oh I Know”: an intergalactic sonic journey shining a light in a corner of the hip pop-dub-galaxy, oozing attitude through every pore. Urging sing alongs. Shoulder dipping, hip grinding and lip synching.