Solid Steel Radio Show 24/6/2016 Hour 1 – Moneyshot + Cheeba (Odelay Tribute Mix)

Solid Steel (24th June) On June 18th 1996 Beck Hansen released his genre-smashing Dust Brothers produced second album, Odelay. 20 years later, DJs Moneyshot and Cheeba present a chronological mixtape charting the vast amount of samples, remixes, influences and references involved in the LP, with exclusive narration from Dust Brother, Mike Simpson.
Not only a multi-layered and expansive mix project, Moneyshot and Cheeba will also soon be hitting the road with a stunning audio visual adaptation, live on… ‘Four Turntables and a Microphone’

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Hour 1 – Moneyshot & Cheeba

Beck -Intro – BizarreFest ’97
Beck -Devil’s Haircut Geffen Records
Them -Out of Sight Decca
Beck -Devil’s Haircut (Rock N Roll Edit) promo cassette
Beck -Trouble All My Days (Intro) Geffen Records
The Troggs -I Can Only Give You Fontana Fontana
Beck -Dark and Lovely (Dust Brothers Remix) Geffen Records
Bernard “Pretty” Purdie -Soul Drums Date
Mort Garson -Climax One Sensuous Records
Beck -Devil’s Haircut (Live ’99)
Beck -American Wastland (excerpt) Geffen Records
Beck -Hotwax (Live intro, Treasure Island Music Festival
Beck -Hotwax Geffen Records
Freda Payne -The Easiest Way to Fall Invictus
Pretty Purdie & The Playboys -Song For Aretha Flying Dutchman
Black Sabbath -Behind the Wall of Sleep Warner Bros
Mandrill -Universal Rhythms Polymor
Monk Higgins -Up On The Hill United Artists Records
Mike Millius -Lookout For Lucy UNI Records
Edgar Winter Group -When It Comes Epic
Beck -Lord Only Knows Geffen Records
Beck -The New Pollution (Live Intro)
Beck -The New Pollution Geffen Records
Gus Poole -Hallelujah, Alright, Amen Novasonic Records
Beck -The New Pollution (The Newest Pollution Mix) Geffen Records
Beck -The New Pollution (Remix by Mickey P) Geffen Records
Joe Thomas -Venus Groove Merchant
Beck -Derelict Geffen Records
Rare Earth -I Just Want to Celebrate Tamla Motown
Pickin’ On Series -New Pollution (CMH Records)
Lee Michaels -(Don’t Want No) Woman A&M Records
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes -Poeme Non Epique No. III (Fontana)
Beck -Novacane Geffen Records
Freedom -Get Up and Dance T.K Disco
Them -It’s All Over Now Baby Blue Decca
Beck -Jack-Ass Geffen Records
Beck -Jack-Ass (Butch Vig’s Lowrider Mix) Geffen Records
Dyke & The Blazers -Let A Woman Be A Woman Original Sound
Beck -Where Its At (Bonus Beats) Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At (U.N.K.L.E. Remix) Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At (MTV Unplugged) Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At (Remix by Mario C. and Mikey P.) Geffen Records
Beck -Where Its At (Remix by John King) Geffen Records
Beck -Make Out City (Remix By Mike Simpson) Geffen Records
Mantronix -Needle To The Groove Sleeping Bag Records
Lee Dorsey -Get Out of My Life Woman Amy
Beck -Lloyd Price Express (John King Remix) Geffen Records
The Frogs -I Don’t Care If U Disrespect Me Homestead Records
Stanley Z. Daniels, M.D. -Sex For Teens (Where Its At) Carapan Records
Beck -Minus Geffen Records
Mattel -Barbie Phone Commercial
Dick Hyman -The Moog And Me Command
Beck -Sissyneck Geffen Records
Country Funk -Apart Of Me Polydor
Sly & The Family Stone -Life Epic
Laurindo Almeida -Desafinado Tower
Rory Gallagher -Admit It Polydor
Beck -Readymade Geffen Records
Walter Wanderley -Baia GNP Crescendo
DJ Grand Wizard Theodore -Cold Crush Brothers vs the Fantastic 5 M.C.’s
Beck -High Five (Rock the Catskills) Geffen Records
Beck -High Five (Rock the Catskills)
Rasputin’s Stash -Mr. Cool Cotillion
Beck -Novacane Geffen Records
Beck -Ramshackle Geffen Records