Refracted Memories – The Shores Of Loredo

Another visual, audio soundscape blending our 3 individual styles. Close your eyes and come along with us…

The Shores of Laredo:

Slipped down to Mexico
Hid out for 28 days
Slept under stars and the eyes of the moon
Just south of Isla San Jose
The days bled into weeks and the weeks bled into wine
The sun fought the horizon going down
Swam out to the furthest shoal that I have ever know
Halfway out my demons pulled me down

Caught up in the current
Washed me out to sea
300 Miles down
From the shores of Laredo

@michaelw-2 – production/arrangement/pads/synths and mix on his iPad
@aranajason – lyrics/vocals/guitar
@jackwm – lead guitars

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