Adam Deitch – Slippin Into Science feat. Lettuce

“Years ago I found a version of War’s “Slipping into Darkness” by an unknown funk group from the 70s (while doing my nightly YouTube binges for old rare funk and soul). It had a totally different groove than the OG version and that version became one of Lettuce’s best cover songs. Fast forward a few years, I got to sampling the Lettuce version and reshaped the groove once again to a more J Dilla inspired feel with some live drums I recorded during the Pretty Lights ACMOTS sessions. I had a vocal stem from legend, Chaka Khan, from a session she did with Soulive (thanks Kraz) that fit perfectly in a haunting soulful way, as well as a brief Redman sample that I had from BrkSci’s “Brain Reaction.” I added some analog synthetic bass and fell in love with this recipe.”
-Adam Deitch