Behrouz – Robot Heart – Burning Man 2014

When people ask me what is Burning Man, the most truthful thing I can say is that it’s a magical place that has held a special place in my heart for a long time. It may not be for everyone but I tell you one thing, it has rejuvenated my life and made me a better person as well as many others. I feel the love from every human that has been in this place I have come to call ‘home’. It’s made me more creative with my music, more caring and to sum it up, Burning Man is capable of changing the whole world’s attitude and making it a better place to live. When I look around me in the playa, all I see are people from all over the world, sharing, caring and loving one another. Why can’t we apply this to the world?

At the same time, it gives me great pleasure to share my music each year with the Robot Heart family. These sets are very special and truly come from a place in my heart that it’s hard to describe in words. It’s a gift to each and every one of you. It’s an honor to play on the Robot Heart bus each year and I hope you enjoy and feel what I am going through in this set.